Most Popular Questions

Sharerify is a social media marketing network, your favorite social media influencer most likely works with us. We’ve established the reputation as the #1 Social Network marketing platforms

We have a support center in Nigeria and operations center in Woodlands, Texas.

Advertisers pay to reach influencers like you. We operate a revenue share model where you as the influencer get a particular share/percentage from what the advertiser pays us.

Sharerify is absolutely free to join and we intend on keeping it that way. We make money because of our advertisers and our affiliates make money because of us.

We take fraud very serious and don’t allow users to make more than one account. If you’re having issues with your account please contact us before attempting to open more than one account, your earnings will be forfeited on both accounts.

We are available in nearly all countries

We have the click offer and the task offer, click offer pays you a certain amount for every link you share using the special link provided to you. The task offer requires you to perform specific task with instructions provided, so long as it is completed as agreed with proof submitted, payments will be issued to you.

The first step is to create a free account, click on Apply button, campaigns are displayed, some campaigns are instant approval while some require advertiser approval. As soon as you gain access, read the instructions and make sure you follow it as instructed. Failure to do would likely be the reason for payment denial.

We pay twice a month 16th and last day of the month

You are able to cash out as soon as you earn ₦5000

Unfortunately, you will not be paid for that offer/campaign, sorry

Typically we expect that you have a certain number of friends on Facebook, 5000 is fine but 1500 could be acceptable in some cases. The higher the number you have the better for all parties.